What is lifestyle and vacation photography?

Vacation photography is a service where a professional photographer is hired to capture high-quality images of individuals or groups during their travels or vacations. These photographers specialize in documenting the highlights and memorable moments of the trip, ranging from scenic landscapes and iconic landmarks to candid portraits and group shots. The goal is to provide travelers with beautifully curated photographs that preserve their experiences and memories for years to come.

Hiring a professional vacation photographer frees you from the burden of having to document and capture your vacation, instead, allowing you to experience it to its fullest. You get to enjoy your travels and vacation, undistracted, while also enjoying professional level photography for your social media.

There are many online services that connect you with local photographers for photo sessions during your travels, but those sessions are usually very limited in duration, usually an hour or two, and rely heavily on posed and contrived scenes, and can often cost hundreds of dollars an hour.

As your dedicated vacation photographer, I travel with you, organically capturing your candid moments in both documentary and posed styles without you or your friends and family ever having to worry about taking a picture.

Vacation photography is very demanding; as the photographer, I am first to rise and last to bed, and I edit photos well into the night to make sure you have selected photographs ready to post to social media that night or at the start of the next day. It's demanding work, but the photographic results can be absolutely spectacular; the shots are worth it, both as a creative, art driven photographer, and as a client.

Pricing & Packages

Daily Rate

Full-day photographic services, without hour limit. From rise until sleep. A combination of candid, documentary style photography and planned posed portraits. Flexible and highly customizable.

Prices Starting at $500 per day

Weekly Rate

A seven day week of highly customized and tailored photography services. This package will meet all your photography needs. Each of the seven days includes photography services for the entire day without hourly limit. Highly customizable and comprehensive.

Prices Starting at $3000 / Week


Do you offer videography services in addition to photography?

I am, first and foremost, a 'stills' photographer. With that said, I do offer limited video services especially in the context of social media, such as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos.

I offer anything from short video for immediate posting to social media, taken with an iPhone 15 Pro Max, to higher quality 4k 60FPS video shorts taken with Canons newest and most capable professional hybrid photo/video L series lens.

When do I get the photographs?

At the conclusion of each day, you will receive a limited selection of edited, high resolution photographs for social media purposes. Photographs can also be taken with an iPhone to be posted immediately, if desired. My vacation photography services are very customizable and tailorable to your needs.

The remainder of the photographs will be delivered no later than 4 weeks after the conclusion of the vacation.

What vacation photography packages and services do you offer?

My vacation photography services are very much 'full-service'. There are no tiers. I am 'always on' and 'always ready' to document your vacation. This includes both candid, documentary style photography, and posed portrait sessions. I go where you go, when you go. I am first to rise, last to bed, and editing photographs into the night for you to post without delay.

How much do you charge for vacation photography?

Prices can start as low as $500 USD per day or $3,000 USD per seven day week of shooting and can vary from there, depending on group size, location, duration, and type of vacation.

How do the logistics of your travel work?

As an expert traveler, I have developed ways of traveling very inexpensively around the world. I am then able to pass these savings onto you. I'll be able to better discuss travel fees and logistics once I know where your event is.

Interested in having a professional vacation photographer? Let's talk.